Let me tell you about how my life used to be: broke, overworked, and directionless. Multiple part time jobs that barely made ends meet, and the burden of student debt like cement shoes.

I could do more, and I knew it. But what? How?

It was time to get out by any means necessary. That’s when I met an Australian girl in a dive bar on a Monday night. No, this isn’t a romance story… at least it didn’t end up that way.

She had pushed me to do what I was scared of: Leaving the familiar, my country, and the comfortable.

Once I took the first leap on my own, my life has never been the same. Since then my life has been like the stock market: ups and downs, but with a general upward trend.

This blog is about writing the lessons that have gotten me this far, and what I’ve learned along the way. This will include advice, cultural insights, and the occasional swear word.

If you’re frustrated and unsatisfied, this can be your guide to Hitting Eject.