Travel Diary

Welcome to my Travel Diary, AKA Hitting Eject Version 1.0

Let’s begin with a warning: this is rough.

If you want to see someone go from leaving a dead-end job in Canada, half a year in Australia, and eventually stumbling my way into China (with several countries and hurdles in between), then this is the right spot for you!

I’m leaving it up primarily to show how writing consistently, every day, can help to significantly improve your skills within a fairly short time frame. In all, there are just under a year’s worth of days, plus the odd idea post. Seems long, but as they say, the best day to start was yesterday. The second best is today.

My principles were:

  1. Add as much value per post as possible
  2. Do something worth writing about, or think something worth reading
  3. Don’t miss a day

And that’s it. If you decide to check it out, I hope you enjoy.